The Use of Thermography in Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

A Seminar with Yuxiang Wang, R.TCMP

Infrared thermal imaging, Thermography, has been used in medicine since the early 1960s. With the technological development of infrared cameras, clear and detailed information about body temperature distribution is now available for medical diagnostics. Thermography has been widely used in many fields of medical practice for the last 20 years. In China, thermal imaging has been applied in Chinese medicine diagnostic procedure.

Thermography can be used

1) to interpret the Chinese medicine theory of ZangFu organs and meridian,

2) to help diagnose disease and syndromes in Chinese medicine

3) for monitoring the efficacy of Chinese medicine treatments.

Thermography in Chinese Medicine is concerned with areas of cold as well as areas of heat. Thermography computer programs have been developed in China that incorporate meridians and organ systems. Thermographic images give detailed information about the temperature of a region in the body which then can be used for a better understanding from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Yuxiang Wang, R.TCMP has been studying thermography and the current research in China regarding its use as a diagnostic tool in Chinese Medicine. She has begun using it in her work with clients. She is finding thermography to be a very useful and sensitive tool.

In this workshop Yuxiang will discuss her experiences and understanding in detail, with demonstrations,  questions and discussion.

This workshop will be videotaped for use as an educational video. Participants will be asked to agree to be in the video. If you would like to attend but not be in the video, please let us know in advance and we would be happy to make arrangements for that.

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