Mother and BabyCGICM offers supplementary programs for presently practicing Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (R.TCMP), and workshops for Acupuncturists, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Doctors, and Alternative Medicine Practitioners that would like to broaden their knowledge base in TCM gynecological disorders. These are specialized classes to enhance effectiveness in clinical practice when treating women with reproductive system disorders. The Western and Chinese Medicine approaches are discussed and include definitions, etiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. Together these two approaches provide for a complementary and comprehensive program that covers all of the most commonly seen disorders today, ranging from menstrual disorders, to infertility, pregnancy disorders, menopause and beyond.

CGICM teaches courses based on the most up to date information available with complete and comprehensive course notes.  Classes are taught through lecture, power point presentation, demonstration and an optional 10 hours of clinical observation.  At CGICM you’ll find a welcoming environment, complete with a library with gynecology and TCM reference books.  Those graduating with a TCM gynecology certificate will also be added to our practitioner locator page.

As of April 2013, Acupuncturists and TCM practitioners have been regulated in the province of Ontario and are now required to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in order to maintain licensure.  CGICM awards certificates upon the completion of any course or workshop indicating the number of hours attended.

Check back for news on our upcoming workshops and guest speakers!