What we treat

What We Treat

Excellent treatment begins with proper diagnosis. Our Practitioners apply their education and experience and spend time with YOU to determine the most effective treatment plan.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete medical system and treats most medical concerns. The World Health Organization has published a long list of conditions that have improved with Acupuncture. Chinese Herbal Remedies have been used with success for thousands of years.

At The Herb Fragrance Clinics, we treat with a  focus on women’s health.  We also treat non-gynecological issues and we treat men. Contact us if you wonder if we can help you. The focus of this website is on women’s health.

The following list highlights the more common conditions we treat. Click on the link that is of interest to you for a detailed discussion of the condition and its treatment in Chinese Medicine. Our blog also has a categories list for you to look up blogs of interest to you.

Conditions We Commonly Treat Include:

If you have any concerns not listed, please contact us, chances are we can help.

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