CGICM TCM-Gynecology Certificate Graduates

Dawn Aarons

Dawn Aarons

R.Ac (2013-2015), D.Ac (1996-2013)

  • Previous Education: BA, D.Ac, 25+ years of meditation, tai chi, and qigong training
  • Dawn now focuses on teaching meditation and tai chi classes and Wellness Coaching using a 5 Element Model. Dawn also works with the CGICM in marketing and promotions.
  • Phone: 647-676-8259
  • Email:
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Jessica Rea

Jessica Rea

R.TCMP (Chinese Medicine), D.Ac (Acupuncture)

Jessica is passionate about healing with traditional methods, which she knows are proven safe and achieve lasting results.  She places a huge emphasis on prevention of illness, drawing from the classical text the Huang Di Nei Jing where is says that it is too late to dig the well when one is already thirsty.




Ilana Stein-Attali

Ilana Stein-Attali


Some more CGICM Course(s) Graduates



Sandra Moynan-Longworth R. Ac., R. TCMP ,
Morgan Syrett, R,Ac