Menstrual Problems

Heavy Period

Heavy period, or medically known as menorrhagia can be troublesome to say the least. This is one problem included in dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB).

The period blood is called Tian Gui or heavenly water, which is produced by the kidneys. When the Chong and Ren channels are full of Qi and Blood, it will spill into the uterus and the period will flow.


Factors that will affect the menstrual cycle:
  • Emotional stress (nervousness, fright/fear, worry and sadness)
  • Environmental factors (climate change, pollution)
  • Overwork and hectic lifestyle
  • Improper diet
  • Other illnesses

Heavy Period According to Chinese Medicine

Qi deficiency: According to Chinese Medicine theory, the force that keeps the blood inside the vessels is the Spleen Qi (energy), and if the Qi is weak, the blood cannot be held in the vessels, and heavy menstrual bleeding can result.

Blood heat: Excess heat can enter the body in different ways. Either from negative emotions turning into fire, too much stress, eating too much spicy or dry food or from heat entering the body from the exterior. The excess heat can disturb the Chong channel which is known as the sea of blood and the period can become too heavy.

Blood stasis: Blood stasis can lodge in the Chong and Ren channel and causes an inability of new Blood to stay int he channels and results in heavy menstrual flow. Blood stasis can beĀ either from delivering a baby, an abortion or miscarriage or external cold attack.