TCM Gynecology Certificate

This certificate is a post-graduate certificate in TCM Gynecology.

Applicants must have graduated from a recognized Chinese Medicine Program and be regulated in their place of work (eg. NCCAOM in the USA, or R.TCMP with the CTCMPAO in Ontario, Canada).

Was your previous education in TCM Gynecology leave you wanting more?  A good grasp on TCM Gynecology is the basis for treating all women’s diseases with Chinese Medicine.

The TCM Gynecology Certificate is offered over 2 terms and includes 120 course hours.  The two courses are described below.

A certificate will be awarded upon the completion of the both courses with adequate exam grades. Graduates will be listed on our website and will be invited into a member-only forum on TCM Gynecology which is moderated by Yuxiang Wang, R.TCMP.

The Two Courses that Comprise the TCM Gynecology Certificate are:

TCM Gynecology Course: The focus of this course is women’s health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.  It can be taken singly or as the initial course in the Certificate Program. Topics such as abnormal uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, infertility, pregnancy concerns, uterine masses, menopause, etc. are discussed.  These common gynecological diseases are examined with regard to their etiology, pathology, pattern differentiation, herbal treatment, acupuncture treatment, pregnancy contraindications and lifestyle factors.   60 hours

Integrated Gynecology Course: This course offers a thorough introduction to gynecology from both the western medicine perspective and Chinese medicine perspective with emphasis placed on integrating the two different approaches. This course can be taken singly or as part of the  Certificate program.  Hormonal cycles are detailed along with as well TCM organ functions.  Topics such as premenstrual syndrome, abnormal uterine bleeding, uterine masses, sexually transmitted infections, menopause, infertility, pregnancy concerns, etc. are covered.  A comprehensive western medicine study is provided, along with TCM differentiations, herbal and acupuncture treatments, and an integrated approach.  60 hours

Please contact us for more information and to learn about upcoming course dates.

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