D&C Aftercare

D&C Aftercare

Whether you had a D&C as a medical procedure or you had an abortion, proper care should be followed. Improper care after birth, abortion or D&C are major causes of illness later in life for women. Rest is needed, and it is recommended that a specific herbal formula be taken for one week.

Sheng Hua Tang
Generate and Transform Formula

This simple formula was created in the 17th century by Fu Qing-Zhu for the purpose of invigorating and transforming blood stasis as well as nourishing the body and protecting from the invasion of external pathogens.

This formula is essential after labour, miscarriage or terminated pregnancies. To explain it simply, this formula cleans out the uterus while keeping it warm and helping to generate new fresh blood. Making sure that all of the old materials are expelled from the uterus will help to prevent problems such as postpartum fever as well as postpartum depression. Making sure that the body is producing enough new blood is essential keeping strong and healthy in general. Keeping the uterus warmed ensures that cold pathogens are not able to invade and cause illness.

Looking at the formula yet another way-it helps to rebalance the hormones.

Sheng Hua Tang is taken on the second day after the birth or medical procedure and is taken for 7 days. After one week more nourishing formulas can be taken.