At Radiance TCM we continue to help women (and men) with many types of Infections. Please see the menu on the right for more information about specific infection types and their treatment.

Chinese Medicine Practitioners have been studying and developing ways to treat infections for literally thousands of years. In fact, most cultures and Traditional Medicines of the world have long standing knowledge on treating infections.

Penicillin use has been popular since 1945. Antibiotic use has saved many lives and has an important place in Integrative Medicine. Whereas natural approaches to infection were out of fashion since the 50″s, there is now a renewed interest in the face of our current crisis with Antibiotic Resistant Infections.

Some examples of natural antibiotic substances include herbal plant medicine, which is able to destroy harmful bacteria without wiping out beneficial bacteria and yeasts in the body.

Chinese Medicine also can support and strengthen the body’s immune system making it more effective in maintaining health.