Postpartum Joint Pain

Joint pain is quite common after childbirth, as well as joint pain, we are also referring to aching, numbness and heaviness.

In Chinese Medicine there are a few reasons that women can experience joint pain after birth.

  • Excessive blood loss during labour: This can lead to the condition of blood deficiency and the blood will fail to nourish the channels and sinews causing dull aching.
  • Invasion of external wind: This is due to improper care following labour, allowing wind and cold or dampness to invade the body. The body is in a weakened state following childbirth and extra precautions need to be taken to protect the body from any wind and cold.
  • Emotional problems: Emotional problems such as irritability, worry, frustration and resentment will stagnate or block the Qi (energy) which can lead to blood stasis causing stabbing pain in the joints.
  • Weakness of the body: If there is a pre-existing weakness in the body, labour and birth will exacerbate the problem, the bones and sinews will further lack nourishment causing pain.

Treatments include either acupuncture and/or herbal medicine. If there is more pronounced weakness, herbal medicine is recommended to add the essential substances that are needed to strengthen the body.

If the nature of the pain is more to do with blockages or emotional issues, acupuncture is effective on it’s own.