Thank you to all those who applied. This position has been filled.

The CGICM (Canadian Gynecology Institute of Chinese Medicine in Toronto, Canada) offers an attractive Intern package for practitioners who are interested in gaining clinical experience and skill。

Applicants must be Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (R.TCMP) or a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) to apply and must have a strong interest in TCM Gynecology.

One intern is chosen at a time, allowing a great deal of attention and support to each person. Interns are asked to commit to 2 days/week for 6-12 months. We have found this commitment is necessary to meet our patients’ need for continuity. This block of time also allows great learning opportunities.

A space is opening up for January or February 2017 and we are looking for the right intern. This person may be a recent graduate, or may be a seasoned practitioner who is now interested in focusing on gynecological related illnesses.

The Intern is currently in the clinic on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s under the direct supervision of the director of the clinic, Yuxiang Wang, R.AC, R.TCMP. In exchange for this training, the Intern agrees do so some reception coverage in addition to seeing patients.

The clinic guarantees a payment of at least $700 per month, irrespective of how many patients are seen. This monthly payment may be more if there are over a certain number of treatments given, as agreed upon between the Intern and CGICM ahead of time. When we began this program there was a fee for supervision as well, but since the program has been very successful, there will be no fee required this year (the fee will be covered by the Intern’s work commitments).

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from highly trained and generous practitioners and gain valuable experience. Apply today by sending your resume and a cover letter to or call us at 416-644-1947 for more information.