When you first meet Zhong the first things you’ll notice is how caring and friendly she is.  Most people would not begin to guess the amount of schooling she has completed (you can visit her description on our practitioners’ page that lists some of the academic awards she has received).  What most people do not know is that she has a PhD in Chinese Medicine, majoring in integrative medicine, and while in China, Zhong was a cardiologist.  Now that she’s been in Canada for quite some time, she still attends conferences to keep her position to date and not only does Zhong practice as a TCM Practitioner, she is also a Registered Massage Therapist.


What we Appreciate Most about Bei Zhong

While everyone here at CGICM is fully dedicated to healing, healthy living, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Bei Zhong is the one who is tireless in her search for knowledge.

  • Zhong is exceptionally caring, not only about her job but her clients as well.  She takes medicine (the application of, and the pursuit of knowledge of) very seriously; she is reliable and is not afraid to work hard.
  • Her dedication to learning is unparalleled.  She is always taking one workshop or another and her study is disciplined and precise.


The Bottom line

Zhong’s drive to learn, her ability to integrate multiple modalities and her professional and friendly bedside manner makes her an exceptional practitioner.  We’re lucky to have her here at CGICM!


Caroline Prodoehl, R.Ac, R.TCMP

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