Continuing Education Vacation – a Gift of Learning in Paradise

Yuxiang Wang will be leading a continuing education vacation in Mexico from November 26th to December 3rd, 2018. Yuxiang is dedicated to improving TCM Gynecology in North America. She teaches online and in person courses in Toronto, Canada. This intensive will give her an opportunity to teach in more scope and depth in a beautiful, relaxing environment.

This November, Yuxiang takes her show on the road  (to the beach) on a Weeklong Training and Vacation in a fishing village on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. The town, Melaque, is the home of her student and friend, Dawn Aarons, who will be hosting the group. (details at

Participants will combine 15 hours of learning on the theme of Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine and a beach vacation. This course is for Registered Professionals in the field (Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicine Practitioners, Chinese Medicine Doctors). It is an opportunity for like minded practitioners to come together for an extended discussion and to share their successes as well as their questions and challenges. The course will be taught in English.



Continuing Education Vacation for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

In this continuing education training (15 CEU’s – NCCAOM pending), Yuxiang will both review standard knowledge on treating infertility and include a more detailed study of famous herbal remedies. It is her experience that many North American students do not have a sufficient understanding of traditional formulas – and that this understanding can radically improve outcomes based on proper dosages and modifications. The course will also include in depth discussion and practice of  acupuncture treatments and the importance of proper diagnosis (incorporating abdominal diagnosis and thermography (temperature variations) as well as other useful modalities.

Yuxiang  also has over 30  years of experience with allopathic approaches to Infertility and how to apply Chinese Medicine in combination with western interventions. Yuxiang refers to this area of study as “Integrative Medicine” and has taught on this subject for years in addition to her experience in her busy clinical practice.

If you are a practitioner with a special interest in TCM Gynecology, this course is for you.

In addition to learning with Yuxiang, there will be ample time to learn from each other. Throughout this continuing education vacation we will encourage challenging and supportive discussions on related themes as well as many opportunities to relax and take care of yourself.

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