Okay, everybody swallow your self-consciousness.  Whenever a woman talks about her vaginal discharge, its amazing how hushed her voice becomes.  Whether it is taboo, uncomfortable or just plain embarrassing, women shy away from the topic like they’re being chased by fire.  In actual fact though, the vast majority of women will be affected by leukorrhea at some point in their lives.

In Chinese, it is called “Dai Xia Bing,” literally translated into “Belt Downward Sickness.”  It includes, but is not limited to yeast infections, bacterial infections, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), and excessive discharge related to menopause, menstruation and breast feeding.  The most common patterns are:

  • Dampness or Damp-Heat: presents with itching and can be externally contracted
  • Toxic Heat: presents as a more serious infection
  • Spleen Deficiency: manifesting with discharge that is usually white
  • Liver Qi Stagnation: discharge that is emotionally related
  • Kidney Deficiency: discharge accompanied by body weakness and can be related to a hormonal dysfunction.

Chinese Medicine treats leukorrhea with great effectiveness by finding the root of the problem.  Also, natural treatments are far more beneficial since the whole body system is nourished and balanced.  Chinese medicine offers acupuncture, and herbal medicine – both internal and topical solutions for fast relief of any symptoms.

So, ladies, breathe a sigh of relief.  There are natural and effective ways of treating vaginal discharge disorders that will not only relieve symptoms but regulate the body as a whole and prevent reoccurrence.

Jessica Rea, R.TCMP

Caroline Prodoehl, R. TCMP

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