Yuxiang Wang, R,TCM is fascinated with the applications of Thermography for Chinese medicine diagnosis.  You can read more about her journey in the this blog.  Her research led her to a company in China that has produced software that can analyze thermographic images in relation to Chinese Medicine Organ, Meridian, and Triple Warmer theory.

After purchasing this medical imaging package –  camera, hardware and software – Yuxiang set it up in a controlled environment in her clinic in Toronto, Canada, and has been offering free assessments and analysis to her patients. She has found Thermography to be very helpful in her practice and shared her knowledge and passion in a 2 hour seminar (Summer 2017).

It is not necessary to own the equipment to gain from this knowledge.The following excerpt is edited from her seminar. If you are interested in seeing the full seminar, or learning more about how you might apply thermography in your practice, please contact us

Yuxiang Wang will be presenting more information about the applications of Thermography in her upcoming webinar on the treatment of dysmenorrhea in Chinese Medicine on November 5th, 2017. Please visit our event page for more information and to register

Based on the premise that proper diagnosis is the root of effective treatment, this seminar will include in depth discussion of advanced diagnostic techniques used in a TCM Gynecology practice. In addition to the application of Thermography, Yuxiang will also teach a section on abdominal diagnosis for Chinese Medicine Gynecology diagnosis. This will include Hara theory and hands on techniques.

This seminar is the first of a series of webinar offerings – allowing practitioners from all over the world to access this information from the comfort of their own homes/offices.

This course has been approved for 5 CDA’s with the NCCAOM and an application to the California Board is process.