Integrated Gynecology- a 30 hour continuing education course for Registered TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists with Yuxiang Wang,R.Ac,R.TCMP, starts on April 16th,2019.

Yuxiang WangThis 10 week integrated gynecology course will run for consecutive Tuesday mornings from 9:30am-12;30am at the Canadian Gynecology Institute of  Chinese Medicine (CGICM) in Toronto,Canada until June 18th (including quizes and a final potluck party).

With a large classroom and excellent herbal pharmacy, the Gynecology Institute of  Chinese Medicine, CGICM, is located within the Radiance Chinese Medicine Clinic at 1061 Eglinton Ave West (just steps from the Eglinton Ave West Subway Station).

Follow this link to read about Yuxiang Wang, the Director of the Gynecology Institute of  Chinese Medicine, CGICM. Dedicated to improving the level of Chinese Medicine Gynecology available in North America,Yuxiang is a generous teacher and mentor. She shares decades of experience in China, the US and Canada. Her ability to understand and translate Chinese Medicine Classics as they relate gynecology and women’s health is not available anywhere else.

The cost for the Integrated Gynecology 30 hour course is just $499.

For more information, contact the CGICM at or call the clinic at 416-644-1937.

Integrated Gynecology Course

Course Syllabus (subject to change) below:

Course Name:Integrated Gynecology          

Dates:             Tuesdays          Lecture Time: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Term:              April 16 to June 18                  Year: 2019

Instructor:       Yuxiang Wang


Lecture # Date Quiz Lecture







April 16

Introduction- Assessment of integrated gynecology

Physiology of integrated gynecology; Treatment of integrated gynecology

Demonstration and practical pelvic exam on the gynecologic simulator.



April 23

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding; Amenorrhea Case study



April 30

Quiz 1 Hyperprolactinemia; Polycystic ovarian syndrome 10 questions.



May 7


Perimenopausal syndrome

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and HPV

Case Study



May 14

Primary dysmenorrhea



Case study and discussion



May 21

Infertility (add: IVF technology with TCM) Case study and discussion



May 28

Quiz 2 Genitorurinary infections

Vaginal infections, Cervicitis, Pelvic inflammatory, Bartholin cyst, Lichen Sclerosis

Practical; External herb preparation,  sitz bath, herb suppository



June 4

Pregnancy conditions-

Early pregnancy loss, threatened abortion &Recurrent pregnancy loss; Pregnancy acupuncture


Make herb cream




June 11

Quiz 3 Late postpartum hemorrhage;

Breast feeding& Lack of lactation

Fibrosis, ovary cyst.

10 questions



June 18

Potluck from 12-12:30pm Common psychiatric problems related with gynecological conditions. Every person bring one dish.