Skyrocket your clinical success.

Study Online with Yuxiang Wang, R.TCMP  on Sunday November 5th, 2017.

Are you looking for Post Graduate Training in Chinese Medicine Gynecology? Are you a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner and  passionate about giving the best, most effective care?

Do you find that you are not consistently getting the results you want? Does your textbook learning not always apply in real life situations?

You are well educated. You have great intentions.

Add in more practical experience and learning with a seasoned professional who can share her knowledge, experience and practical, evidence based treatments…and your confidence and clinical results can skyrocket.

Yuxiang Wang, the Director of CGICM – The Canadian Gynecology of Cihinese Medicine – is passionate about improving the quality of TCM in North America. With decades of experience, she has the knowledge and perspective, to make a strong impression on our profession.

In addition to teaching courses (online and in person), Yuxiang will promote her students on her website, and offers a student-only forum on Facebook – a space for practitioners to share ideas and treatment plans related to TCM Gynecology. Yuxiang will regularly comment on the forum – answering posted questions, and offering new insights as well as reviews of course content.

Yuxiang is developing in-depth online post-graduate training for Chinese Medicine professionals.

An online course focusing on the treatment of Dysmenorhea is offered (live stream) for

Sunday November 5th, 2017    from 10am-5:30pm (with a 1 hour break for lunch).

The course will include a comprehensive discussion including Etiology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Case Studies, and real life experiences of what works and how to effectively address the real life, non-textbook concerns of real women. In addition to fully explaining traditional approaches, the course will introduce contemporary diagnostic and treatment techniques that work. The use of Thermography in TCM Diagnosis, and Abdominal Diagnosis will be covered.

The live online format allows for full participation of all students. Course handouts will be provided before each workshop. It addition live stream video and prerecorded video, the online conferencing supports the use of power point presentations, document sharing, Q and A, and event recording.

Your education does not end with the end of the workshop, as you will have opportunities to continue the conversation with Yuxiang Wang and other motivated tcm gynecology students on the forum, as well as the opportunity to do some clinical observation (for those who can visit our Toronto, Canada clinic). Join us in building a community and skyrocket your clinical success.

Registration is available online from our website or contact us for more information at 416-644-1937

Continuing Education – PDA’s, CEU’s available.

Yuxiang Wang has been approved to teach by the NCCAOM (NCCAOM CEU’s pending)